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bongs for sale

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Dołączył: 30 Maj 2019
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PostWysłany: Pon Lip 08, 2019 03:16    Temat postu: bongs for sale Odpowiedz z cytatem

The End of Cannabis Plants?

There’s a long way to go before yeast usurps the cannabis plant, and many feel it might not happen at all due to the strong consumer interest in cannabis flower. It has been known for some time that the entourage of cannabinoids, terpenes and esters that create the unique profile of each cannabis plant is more potent together than separated into constituent parts. While yeast may be able to replicate parts of the cannabis profile, it has yet to replicate the full force of what makes cannabis a potent panacea. cheap bongs under $10

However, it cannot be ignored that the possibility of a large, scalable, and efficient way of producing cannabinoids opens the door to many other industries getting into cannabis. Some are potentially good, such as food producers, and others can be worrisome, such as pharmaceuticals. As one of the largest groups lobbying against the cannabis industry, this sort of industrialization creates the opportunity for pharmaceutical companies to enter the space, and possibly take control of it. In some states with limited access to medical cannabis, the state only allows for the administration of government-approved cannabis-derived drugs, such as Marinol.

While some people have found a degree of relief from synthetic derivatives of cannabis, others find them ineffective, if not outright detrimental. Marinol is known to have a host of side effects, including vomiting in some, which isn’t ideal for a medicine someone might take for nausea. The healing effects of cannabis have shown to be less potent when its constituent compounds are taken in isolation. Thus, lack of understanding of this phenomena, coupled with the industrial and political power of the pharmaceutical industry, could be potentially disastrous for the decades of progress that cannabis proponents have built. As the global cannabis market progresses, informed parties must keep a watchful eye and a concerned hand in how it is shaped to ensure such a thing doesn’t happen, and that novel discoveries such as this help the industry rather than hurt it. cheap bongs under $20

Low-Quality Cannabis in Canada? How Bad Weed Could Be a Big Threat

For cannabis consumers of a certain generation, “BC Bud” used to mean something. Back in the days before any US states had legalized (AKA The Bad Times, The Before Before, or The Long Long Ago), getting your cannabis from Canada was as good a bet for quality as getting it from Northern California. However, the latest word coming out of post-legalization Canada is that their pot quality has been dropping significantly, or that it was never there in the first place. Word around the campfire is that Canadian flower from some of their major producers is dry, harsh, and even mildewy or moldy. bongs for sale

This is disappointing, since all eyes are on the first G7 country to legalize cannabis on a federal level. What’s more, Canada is currently on track to become the largest exporter of cannabis in the world, with countries like Israel and the Netherlands still lagging behind. So, what is going on with our neighbor to the North? Is the pressure getting too much? Did they bite off more than they could chew where weed is concerned?

A Closer Look at Canada’s Cannabis Quality

When taking a closer look at some consumer feedback, there are an alarming amount of negative reviews circulating the Internet that point out poor quality. Going by some Google reviews at Ontario’s Hunny Pot Cannabis Co., the answer would appear to be yes. The shop itself is at a dismal 2.7 stars, with strain reviews such as:

Canadians on the subreddit r/RecPics are reporting similar issues, with one poster reporting “I just got some bud from Tantalus and Canna Farms... supposedly 2 of the more "premium" brands, and was horrified to find they were from September and October 2018. You could squeeze them and they'd turn to dust.” Another commentator had similar complaints, stating “I just bought this...Weighed out at 3.4g. It's so dry and brittle it crumbles to the touch. The only smell is of faint chemical, which I'm pretty sure is just the plastic container...I figured I would do my part here and try the legal side of things. With these prices and quality, I won't be back. Not until something changes.”

Ontario seems to be the epicenter of this low-quality weed problem. Local cannabis producer RedeCan had to ask customers to return any weed purchased from them in exchange for a full refund after multiple complaints of mold found in their product several months after the commencement of recreational sales. The problem is not limited to just one producer, either. Ontario’s local government is also dropping the ball on their cannabis supply, with the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) being blamed for providing weak weed, losing orders, and plenty of other issues that are driving customers back to illegal stores. glass pipes under $5

Although Ontario is certainly the worst offender so far (at least from what’s been reported by the media and public), the sentiment regarding how much un-dank weed is in circulation appears to be spreading all over Canada. In the Canadian stock market, share prices for both major and minor producers are taking a hit.

Is Low-Quality Cannabis Affecting Canadian Marijuana Stocks? cheap bongs under 10$

To take one example, cannabis producer Tilray - which reported $43 million in sales last year - is failing to keep up with demand and it’s not a secret. CEO Brian Kennedy has admitted to investors over conference call that it’s hard to find quality weed and that they’ve had to search elsewhere for a sufficient supply. Aurora, Canopy, Cronos, and Hexo all closed with their stock prices down recently on the Canadian stock exchange.
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Dołączył: 16 Lut 2021
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PostWysłany: Wto Lut 16, 2021 20:58    Temat postu: Zarabiaj Online Odpowiedz z cytatem

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